Using Traffic Exchanges To Generate Leads Part 2

Now that we know the five key components to an ad campaign lets look at a proper flow for these items in the campaign. Most often new marketers will be advertising a product that they are an affiliate for. Being an affiliate means that they have registered with the product or service owner to try to get sales for a percentage of the sales price when someone buys the product or service.

The biggest mistake that most new marketers make is trying to advertise the main sales page of the product or service on the TE. Doing so will rarely get any sales. The reason being is that each page shown to the TE surfer is only on their screen for a few seconds, usually less than ten seconds.

That is why using splash pages is more effective. The TE surfer can quickly scan the splash page in just the few seconds and decide whether they are interested enough in the product to warrant clicking through to the lead capture page.

Once the splash page has captured their attention and they click through to the lead capture page it is up to the squeeze or lead capture page to persuade the TE surfer to request more information. This is where the free giveaway item usually seals the deal in getting the name and email address from the TE surfer.

Provided that the surfer has completed the subscribing process to the list for more information it is now the job of the autoresponder to deliver a series of emails with product information in specific time intervals. Generally the most effective intervals are three days apart with a series of five to seven emails.

So to recap the basics of a successful ad campaign on a traffic exchange the advertiser must:

1) Use a splash page and not the direct product sales page

2) Offer a free item to get the potential customer's name and email address to their list of subscribers

3) Use an autoresponder to send a series of five to seven emails in three-day intervals to the list subscriber

If you use the above basic strategy with your advertising on a traffic exchange the ad campaigns will be much more successful. Also, as a side note, make sure the splash pages load quickly. Remember there are only about five to ten seconds on the average to get your splash page in front of the TE surfer and every second counts in making that first impression.