Using Traffic Exchanges To Generate Leads

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to generate leads to a product or service is to participate in the use of traffic exchanges or TE as they are sometimes referred to. There is however a right and a wrong way to use them. In this article we will discuss the various tactics required to get the most out of advertising through traffic exchanges.

Before we begin it is necessary to go over a few of the most common components of a traffic exchange that are related to product advertising. There are typically five key components that every ad campaign must have to be successful.

1. Splash Page - A splash page, or sometimes called a landing page, is a short attention grabbing ad page meant to attract the TE surfer to investigate the pages offer in more detail. Generally this page is very low on content containing usually an eyecatching graphic of either the product or a spokesperson displaying the product, a headline, and a link to invite the TE surfer to click for more information.

2. Lead Capture or Squeeze Page - A squeeze page is another short splash page like advertisement for a product or service but offering the TE surfer the opportunity to enter their name and email address to get more information about the product via an email. Often times the splash and squeeze pages are combined in ad campaigns.

3. Free Giveaway Item - This is an item related to the campaign's product that is offered on the squeeze page to entice the TE surfer to enter their name and email address to get more information via email. This free item is most often a smaller ebook type report or piece of software related to or directly taken from the main advertised product.

4. Autoresponder - An autoresponder is a program or service used to send a series of emails to the email addresses gathered from the lead capture or squeeze page. Most marketers call this a list of subscribers. An autoresponder program or service is essential to the success of an ad campaign.

5. One Time Offer - Often called a OTO, a one time offer is used with the autoresponder to offer the list subscriber a special discount on part of the product's extra features or even the product itself at a reduced price. Usually this OTO is shown to the list subscriber just once during the list subscribing process.

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