Build Traffic With Unique Articles

To add value to your website as a prospect for resale, or to increase its appeal to visitors, you benefit far more from unique content than from displaying material that can be found on many other sites.

An income earning website has value as virtual real estate, especially income that is of a recurring kind. Prospective buyers are willing to pay far more for a domain that includes unique content. As well, visitors with an interest in the subject matter also value original, quality material more highly than rehashed information and your credibilty soars, as does your appeal to the search engines. So, how do you provide quality, unique coontent?

1 Remove your limits

Reduce your subject to a single core word and then brainstorm around it. For example, if you're trying to write about "Study Skills", expand your thinking to "School". Now jot down everything that comes to mind when you think about School, and when you run out of ideas start asking yourself open questions around the subject and noting your answers.


What did I enjoy about school? What scared me? What did I wish I'd known from Day 1?

This will help you get back into the mindset of someone struggling with school issues of all kinds and you'll start to get a feel for their concerns and worries.

2 Restore your focus

Once you've started to understand the general feelings of your readers, allow your mind to focus back on your original topic of Study Skills. From your new perspective, what questions would you ask? What would you want to know? Is this really a "Studying" issue or is it more about Time Management or being able to work without distractions or being paralyzed by the fear of not doing well?

3 Be your audience

Write each question on a separate sheet of paper; don't stop until you have at least ten and preferably more. Stay in the mindset of your readers until you feel you've asked every major question that concerns them.

4 Take a step back

Put your pile of question aside for a few hours, overnight if possible. Don't consciously think about them; just go about your day as usual. Give your subconscious time to process them without any further prompting from you. If new questions come to mind jot them down somewhere safe and then forget about them.

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